Advertise Navet


Starting February 1st it costsĀ 500 kr to advertise on our platform. From experience publishing advertisments require a lot of time, which takes time from developing our new website. By charging 500 kr we hope to free some resources, as well as use this income for further development. Our goal is to deliver a better user experience to students and companies that visit our website.

In this expense you will only recieve an advertisment on our website ( From January 2018 we no longer hang up posters around the instuitute.

The reasoning for this survey is to save both Navet and you from unnecessary mail exchanges. If the survey is too square or you have other questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

An exception for pricing is given to startups, to apply for this choose startup on the next page.


Questions regarding this survey or advertisments kan be sent to our web responsible, Andreas Thompson, at